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My name is Heather Hawkins and, for the past 23 years, I have been helping some of the world's best-known brands use earned media visibility and smart brand strategy to catapult their relevance-- I've worked with Sony, Sega, divisions of Apple Computer, CLIF Bar, Camelbak-- even David Bowie, The Beastie Boys and Maroon 5.
Two years ago, I left big-city life behind and moved to the mountains outside of Lake Tahoe, CA and started Elevation Strategy, a visibility agency focused on the human performance and transtech space. As I ran that agency, I continually crossed paths with whip-smart, inspirational entrepreneurs who were absolutely crying out for a place in the media spotlight, but for whom an agency commitment simply didn't make sense.

As I began talking with these entrepreneurs, I had an epiphany...

They had been lied to by the PR Industrial Complex.

What's worse, I had played a role in propagating those myths, too!

You don't need an expensive agency, you don't need a 3,000-person media database and decades-old relationships.

There are no secret handshakes, code words or velvet ropes.

As a solo business owner, you have THE ONE THING media wants more than anything-- RADICAL AUTHENTICITY and an unfiltered point of view.

With that epiphany, Elevation Visibility Academy and the Elevation Mastermind group programs were born-- I'm opening the vaults, leveling the playing field and teaching solo business owners all my tips, tricks and processes from the past 20+ years to help you rapidly scale your personal brand.

I'm so excited to guide you on this journey!

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